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Maria Puchalska

Ph.D. Eng.

Maria Puchalska


Field of interest

Identification of color compounds in natural dyes (flavonoids, anthraquinones, indigoids) using HPLC – ESI MS/UV-VIS

  • Identification of natural colorants in pigments, textiles and painting layers
  • Application of hyphenated techniques in cultural heritage preservation
  • Chemical separation and preconcentration methods in environmental analysis


8th October 2007 – Ph.D., Warsaw University of Technology

2002 – M.Sc., Warsaw University of Technology



Awarded poster presentation on: XI Konferencja “Zastosowania metod AAS, ICP AES i ICP MS w analizie środowiskowej”, Warsaw, Poland

Course on chemometry, Poznań, Poland


Awarded poster presentation on 23rd Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry, Fiera di Primiero, Italy


1st prize for the best poster on XLVIII Annual Meeting of Polish Chemical Society, Wroclaw, Poland

Training in Quality Control and Scientific Analysis Department, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland

2nd prize for the best poster on ChemSession 2004, Warsaw, Poland


Training in Quality Control Department, Glaxo Smith Kline, Poznan, Poland


Course TrainMiC (Training in Metrology in Chemistry), Warsaw, Poland